Howchip HC8895-LPDDR4x

  • World First LPDDR4x Test Platform
  • Powered by Samsung Exynos 8895, 64-bit Arm Octa Core Processor (Samsung Mongoose Quad and A53 Quad)
  • Run by the Latest Android OS Nougat
HC8895-LPDDR4x Single

HC8895-LPDDR4x is a full featured LPDDR4x Test/Evaluation platform that provides an ideal test environment for LPDDR4x functionality, performance and reliability test. Based on the latest Samsung Exynos8895(Main CPU for Samsung Galaxy S9), the 64-bit Octa Core Processor, it supports the most of Smart phone/Tablet PC fearturs(except for Modem). And additional features such as High speed Gigabit Ethernet, OELD Display are available so that users can develop LPDDR4x Test/Evaluation program in real environment condition.

Cross-sectional View of the Socket Housing

Below picture shows that how the Memory device, LPDDR4x can be mounted in the socket housing.

Cross-sectional View

Board Specification

Features Description
CPU Exynos 8895 Mongoose Quad, A53 Quad @Max 2.69GHz
LPDDR Capacity Upto LPDDR4x 8GB of LPDDR4x 1800MHz
Storage UFS device, SD card
Display OLED Display, Full-HD
Network Gigabit Ethernet
USB USB ADB port, USB Serial Debug port
Mechanical Size 165mm x 265mm x 80mm
Software Android 7.0 Nougat @ Linux kernel 4.4.x, Source will be provided on delivery
Uboot source included to test LPDDR4x at firmware level

Ordering Information

This product is not intended for general use, specifically designed for testing LPDDR4x Memory device in engineering lab such as DRAM Development Team or Quality Assurance Team.

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