Howchip ExSOM-9820

  • Powered by Samsung Exynos 9820, 64-bit Octa Core Processor
    (M4 Dual and prometheus Dual, and Ananke Quad)

Exynos 9820 Specification

  • M4 dual CPU with NEON/VFP as a high performance processor with 64/64 KB I/D L1 cache, 1 MB private L2 cache, and 3MB shared L3 cache.
  • ARM dual CPU known as Prometheus as a high performance processor with 64/64 KB I/D L1 cache, 256 KB private L2 cache, and 1MB shared L3 cache which is shared with little quad processor.
  • ARM quad CPU known as Ananke as a power-efficient performance processor with 32/32 KB L1 I/D cache and 1 MB shared L3 cache. This processor is architecturally aligned with M4/Prometheus.
  • 128-bit multi-layer TREX architecture
  • Samsung Coherent Interface (SCI) among M4, Prometheus, Ananke, G3D, G2D, and SSS
  • DRAM access through four channels of 16-bit LPDDR4 interface at 2133MHz (34GB/sec)
  • 128 KB ROM for secure booting and 100 KB internal RAM for security function
  • Multi-core timer and generic interrupt controller/combiner for multi-core CPU system
  • DMA controllers (2x 4-channel PDMA and 1x 4-channel PDMA for security purpose)
  • Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Highly structured power management system for mobile applications
  • Flexible clock management system with 16 system PLLs
  • 3D graphic accelerator that supports OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.2, OpenCL 1.2/2.1 Full Profile, OpenVG 1.1, and Vulkan.
  • Separate 2D graphic accelerator
  • Multi-Format Codec (MFC), which provides encoding and decoding of MPEG-4/H.263/H.264/VP8/VP9/HEVC up to 4K at 150fps and decoding of MPEG-2/VC1/VP8/VP9 video up to 4K at 150fps
  • JPEG codec for various compression formats
  • Two on-the-fly scalers for display
  • One memory-to-memory scaler
  • 16/32bpp RGB format and NV12, NV21 YUV420 format for display DMA
  • UHD LCD display through MIPI DSI interface and 1/3 DSC
  • DP V1.4 interface for TV monitor
  • Customized image enhancer for display
  • Four channels of MIPI CSI interface for five camera support (two rear camera, one front camera, and two sensors like a vision sensor to measure the distance)
  • Combo D-PHY/C-PHY for rear/front camera
  • High performance ISP engine with DRC, 3DNR, VDIS, FD, and 3AA features
  • The ISP engine accommodates the following scenarios:
    • 22MP at 30fps for single camera
    • 12MP*2 at 30fps for dual camera
    • 22MP 15fps still capture
    • Maximum 22MP still image
    • 4K 30fps camcording and preview
  • Ultra low-power audio decoding co-processor with internal SRAM
  • Mono/2/4/6/8 channel support by single data port for audio interface
  • Universal Flash Storage (UFS) for high-speed (24 Gbps) NAND interface
  • SD 3.0 interface (1-channel, 4-bit, wide-range)
  • Enhanced Super-speed (10Gbps) USB3.1 DRD (1-channel) compatible with USB2.0
  • USI with high-speed I2C/SPI and UART (22-channel)
  • High-speed I2C (7-channels), SPI (2-channel), and 3 Mbps UART (7-channel)
  • PCIe Gen2 (1-channel) for WiFi chip connection, PCIe Gen3 (2-channel) for 5G Modem connection
  • DTRNG hard macro is used for a session key generation and in combination with SSS/DTRNG_System satisfy the NIST SP 800-90a/b
  • 10-bit general purpose ADC (10-channel), and on-die thermal sensors

ExSOM-9820 DVK Specification

Using the most advanced processor, Exynos 9820, ExSOM-9820 provides the following interfaces;

ExSOM-9820 Description


ExSOM-9820 DVK Description

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