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We have created a new development environment for embedded systems.
Using this environment, we are now able to provide global service for
a greater number of people and users.
Consumer electronics are constantly changing and evolving through new innovations,
and they are becoming simpler, more portable, easier to use and intuitive. As a result,
devices and systems are not limited by time and space.
New products will now integrate multiple functions, such as:
TV, Radio, Media player, Clock, Navigation, E-mail, and Photo Albums.
Only some products will be created to serve a single purpose, and those
products will usually be required for a specific, professional use.
So, we are providing an innovative solution that breaks down the walls
between these functions.
Now, hardware and software developers will reduce their time spent on “trial and error”.
The end result will see a reduction in the cost and time which developers and
engineers need to create new products and devices.
We will always have support development staff available to help you make
development the simplest and most convenient possible.
We welcome your feedback – everything you have to say – so we can constantly
adjust our service to be exactly what you need.

Thank you.

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